TENOR — Michael La Scala

La Rascal, La Ras, Ras, La Razzamatazz, Razzamatascal, The Gondola
Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Michael discovered barbershop at the age of 9, when his dad stumbled upon a barbershop quartet and thought it would be something that his son would be interested in. Since joining the Barbershop Harmony Society at 10 years old, Michael has sung in many choruses including the Buffalo Queen City Chordsmen, East Aurora Friends of Harmony, the Batavia Vocal Agenda, SLAM; and quartets including SLD collegiate quartet representatives Universal and Lake Effect, Playback, and district champions and international quarter finalist quartet Mainstream. Michael won a international chorus gold medal with the Toronto Northern Lights in 2013. In May 2012, Michael graduated from Houghton College with a degree in Health and Physical Education and a minor in Music, and in 2014 completed his Masters in Health and Human Performance at Canisius College. Today, you can find him teaching Health and Physical Education at King Center Charter School in Buffalo, and in his spare time, he enjoys ballin’, board games, and b-writing music. He thinks Nutella is good stuff.

LEAD — Michael Black

Black Attack, Blackie, Blackford
Michael discovered barbershop in 2007, when he saw a poster for a chorus performance near his hometown of Fergus, Ontario, and convinced a few friends to attend the show with him. He joined the Society in 2009 with the Guelph Royal City Ambassadors, and started singing with the Capital City Chorus when he moved to Ottawa for school that fall. Michael has won the Ontario District quartet contest twice—with ‘Shoptimus Prime and X-Factor—and has won three bronzes and a gold medal in the international chorus contest with the Toronto Northern Lights. He serves on the board of directors of Sing Canada Harmony, a charitable scholarship fund to provide funding for vocal music training opportunities. Michael is a graduate of the University of Ottawa with a bachelor of commerce degree, specializing in management information systems, and is working as a research and data analyst at a growing agricultural consulting, training, and marketing firm in Guelph. In his spare time, Michael likes to listen to podcasts, dabble in graphic and web design and not play sports. In 2004, Michael placed 5th at the Bassmaster CastingKids National Semifinals. He is a fan of Nutella.

BARITONE — Joel La Scala

Also from Tonawanda, NY, Joel La Scala grew up with barbershop, hearing his brother practicing (screeching) the tenor part at all hours of the day. Around age 12, when he discovered that his local chapter had “pizza night” on the last Monday of each month, Joel coincidentally began to attend rehearsals on the last Monday of each month. It didn’t take long for him to get hooked, and soon he began singing in various quartets and choruses, including Playback, which finished 2nd in the 2013 SLD quartet prelims, and the Toronto Northern Lights, in which he won gold and bronze international chorus medals. He also enjoys coaching local quartets. Pretty much the polar opposite of Michael Black, Joel was the captain and point guard of his high school basketball team, winning championships and making it rain on a regular basis. Booyah. When he’s not having fun, he attends Buffalo State College and is a frozen custard dispensing extraordinaire at a local ice cream chain. Joel thinks Nutella is unnecessary.

BASS — Tom Mifflin

Tom Shabomshabom, Dunder Mifflin, The Miff-Show, Schmiffy, Miffshamiffshamiff
Of Tom, many things have been said, including, “Many things have been said about Tom Mifflin.
Tom discovered barbershop in his hometown of Merlin, Ontario, when he thought it would be funny to create a barbershop quartet for a presentation about the Bubonic plague in his Grade 11 history class. “The Barbonic Rag” isn’t a barbershop standard just yet, but Tom has been hooked ever since. After high school, Tom moved to Toronto to attend York University for acting. Tom joined the Society with the Toronto Northern Lights in 2009 at the age of 19, and has won a gold and three bronze medals with the chorus. Tom currently works as an actor in Toronto. When he’s not singing barbershop or working, Tom can be found performing around Toronto, playing the piano and the guitar, and coming up with nicknames. Currently he lives in Toronto with his wife, Steph. In 2002, Tom’s soybeans placed 6th in Ontario at the Royal Winter Fair. Tom doesn’t really like Nutella.