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Camp Smitty is a pretty phenomenal event and a true testament as to the how generous and philanthropic barbershop singers can be: Every year, the members of the Capital City Chorus (a barbershop chorus based in our nation’s capital) hold this weekend retreat at Camp Smitty—a Girls and Boys Clubs of Canada camp—where they spend the weekend donating their time and effort to build new cabins, washhouses, decks, and dining halls for the campers.

We were so happy to be invited back to Smitty to take part in the festivities, sing on their show on the Saturday night, and get fed like absolute kings by the culinary masterpieces of Rod McKenzie and his team, who board themselves up in the camp kitchen for the weekend and pump out meal after meal to keep the chorus guys well fed.

This was the quartet’s second time at the retreat—the first time we were at camp Smitty was our quartet’s very-first-ever quartet rehearsal, back in September 2011. Here’s to (we hope) many more and to the wonderful work that the Capital City Chorus guys of Ottawa do in their community.


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