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‘Shoptimus Prime was approached by MacLaren McCann—a Toronto-based marketing company—to lend our voices for an online advertising campaign put on by MasterCard Canada. On the day of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ 2013 season opener against the Montreal Canadiens, MasterCard encouraged fans of both teams to submit tweets and comments heckling their rivals and cheering on their own team, using the hashtag #oldestrivalry. In response, a barbershop quartet—that’s where we come in—would convert the snippets into four-part harmony and perform it for the fan.

‘Shoptimus Prime acted as the Leafs’ quartet, facing off against our “rivals,” the great guys from Quartom quartet. With the arranging help of Steve Armstrong, director of the reigning International Champion Toronto Northern Lights chorus, we sang dozens of heckles for Leaf fans online as Toronto sailed to its 4–3 opening-day victory over the Habs (we’re still waiting for a public thank you from the Maple Leafs for the big hand our singing played in the win).

Here is the full video of all the harmonious heckles we pumped out throughout the course of the evening:

And here is that of our opposition:

We might have sold out a little bit [read: a lot], especially considering nobody is irked by the boater-hat-and-armband stereotype more than we; but, ultimately, any opportunity to use our singing to support the Leafs and heckle the Habs is one we are not going to pass up.

Go Leafs Go!

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