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It is difficult to describe just how much fun we had at this past year’s Harmony Explosion Camp in Geneva, NY. The unbelievably well-organized event saw many highlights, among which were

  • having [three of] our accents laughed at constantly, particularly our overly Canadian pronunciation of ‘sorry,’
  • teaching a bunch of students what “gong show,” “gonger,” and “beauty” mean,
  • discovering unexpectedly that these kids were down to sing/learn tags NON-STOP ALL WEEKEND, leading to many an epic tag session, and
  • being blown away at the level of singing/preparedness of these students, many of whom were there for their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, even 7th year of harmony camp.

Thank you to every single one who made that weekend possible and to those who thought that having us four young dudes (do people still say “dudes”?) over there might be a good idea.

We’re looking forward to being back for the camp in 2014!

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