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Well, we’ve been doing a pretty terrible job of keeping up with our blogging of of where we’ve been. Want to see just how behind we are? We’ll show you!

We created a map of all of the shows, performances, and events we’ve attended and performed at as a quartet since we started almost four years ago. Chapter shows are in orange, youth outreach and education activities are in red, contests are in green, and miscellaneous events are in blue.

Want to help us add to this map? Why not have us at your next show or event?

One thought on “Where Have We Been?

  1. Hi Guys
    Congratulations on your great result in the Collegiate contest, those Swedes must be damn good!
    Mike and Joel – remember when you stayed with us in Derbyshire UK? – Our friends Mandy and Nigel are still awe struck by their first introduction to Barbershop singing.
    Our best wishes for the Seniors -raise the roof.

    Phil and Alicia

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